How Bizy Bee's Creations was born (cont.)

While talking with each person I noticed the plastic bags they were carrying were digging into their forearms or hands. So again my mind started to process all this information I had either observed or gathered from other shoppers. I discussed it with my husband and pulled out the gallon milk bottle from the refrigerator, eggs and a loaf of bread, measured them, went upstairs and dusted off my sewing machine. I took a paper bag from one of the department stores and continued measuring , cutting and sewing... I thought my first bag came out great! So I asked a couple people what they thought and received some great feedback. They mentioned it wasn't quite big enough, the strap wasn't long enough to wear across the body and it needed to lay better across the body. They also mentioned that the strap was still digging into the shoulder a little so I needed to make it wider and longer. When I made the second and third bags, I took them to the store and asked the cashiers what they thought. I showed them where I made a tab on both ends of the bags so they would easily slide on to the plastic bag racks and they would stay up while being filled. Everyone really liked the new design and functionality of the bag.

Every bag I made was from an old shirt, curtains or dresses, just about any material I could find I would make a shopping tote out of the items. Hence I started shopping my local Savers, Goodwill and garage sales to buy clothes and fabrics that I thought would make a cute shopping tote. As luck would have it I was standing in line at a checkout stand one day and the person behind me turned out to be an interior designer. She told me that she had left over textiles from projects she had done and I could have all her left overs. So of course I took them and continued to sew.

The business of Bizy Bee's Creations was started from a simple thought of how I could make a difference by recycling... I did some research and found that Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year.

Clothing and other textiles represent about four percent of the municipal solid waste stream. Which adds to our landfills and makes them harder to bio-degrade. With everyone, or at least some of us doing something simple, like taking one of Bizy Bee's Creations Shopping totes to the market or using them as a book bag, gym bag or whatever, we're helping out our environment.

While our shopping totes are how we started we have grown to adding Book Bags, Mobile Device Carriers, Aprons, Veggie Bags and Custom one of a kind Bags all using recycled or re-purposed fabrics. We keep things simple and easy so that others can do their part. We are doing our part by keeping things local. Shop local and save. Oh did I mention all our products are washable and dryer friendly.

All our products, hang tags, product labels and business products are all

"Made in the USA"

Recycled Alternative for the Eco-Friendly