Re-Purposed Fabric

Shopping Totes

Shopping Totes have been specially designed for the Eco Friendly shopper student, mom or dad that always has something to carry. Our one, two and sometimes three of a kind Shopping totes have been designed with a special tab that can slide onto the grocery store plastic bag racks. They have been designed to be worn either across the body or off the shoulder, with a wide strap so they do not 'dig' into your shoulders or hands while caring them. All our new totes now have pockets inside, and have been designed so you can reserve them, so you have two-in-one.

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Re-Purposed Fabric

Book Bags

Book Bags at Bizy Bee's are made using our shopping tote pattern with the exception of adding our flap to cover books or whatever you put in it. A simple closure has been added, either a button or a tie. All our Book Bags have an inside pocket, are reversible and with the convenience of our long strap that can be worn across the body or off the shoulder.

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