All About Brenda

Hi I'm Brenda Stimmel, I'd like to take a few moments to introduce myself. I was born in Southern California and raised in the Mid-west. My family then moved back to Southern California where I graduated high school and moved further south to a small town just north of San Diego called Encinitas. This is where I married my husband and had our son. We then moved to our current home here in Las Vegas, NV where we have been for 18 years.

My professional career has always been in sales and recruiting. I became an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1990. From there I went on to become an Independent Sales Director and had a very successful career going until the stress caught up with me. Without going into the gory details I found out that I needed a career change, which brings me to Bizy Bee's Creations!

How Bizy Bee's Creations was born

Several years ago while shopping at a local big super store I noticed the person in front of me using a bag from another store. She handed the bag to the cashier and asked her to fill it with her groceries. As the cashier took the bag she frowned and took a deep breath. The cashier did try to make an effort to be helpful but, the bag just wasn't doing its part in co-operating with the cashier. The environmentally friendly shopper mentioned she was trying to do her part by not using plastic bags. The next few times I shopped I made it a point to speak with various cashier's asking them casually what would make their life easier when a customer brought their own bags. Almost every cashier agreed using a reusable bag was a good idea however they just didn't work well. None of them would stand up and many of them simply fell apart when being filled.

That is when my creative mind took over and started to come up with designs. I took out my little red measuring tape and measured the racks at the grocery stores. I quickly discovered they were all the same size. Next, I asked several people if they liked using a shopping bag from other stores. Most said they didn't really like to but it was better than using the stores paper or plastic bags. Then I asked them what items they purchased most often when making a quick run to the market.

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